How to add multiple classes in css

Multiple Classes CSS: How To Add Multiple Classes in One Element. You can add more than one class in one element by placing a space between two classes. The space is vital, as it identifies the two classes. Not only CSS two classes, but you can add multiple classes in the same element. Let’s illustrate this further by the use of the following examples.

We will use “add ()” method to add multiple classes to an element dynamically. add (class_1, class_2, …): It is used to assign a class or multiple …

Use Mutliple Classes in One Element in CSS | Delft Stack

Assign Multiple Classes to One Element and Style Both Classes at Once in CSS. In HTML, we use the class attribute to assign the class to an element. We can apply class on all the elements in HTML like p,h1-h6, a, div, and many more. In CSS, we use the class selector . to select the element with the respective class name, and we can apply styles to it. But there are cases when we …

CSS { width:330px; height:75px; float:right; text-align:left; padding:10px 0; border-bottom:dotted 1px #6d6d6d; } .social .socialIcon{ padding-top:0; } .social .socialText{ border:0; } To add multiple class in the same element you can use the following format: <div class="class1 class2 class3"></div> DEMO

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How to create classes with CSS?

Part 3 Part 3 of 4: More Advanced CSS Download ArticleCreate a CSS file, not an HTML file and save it using the .css extension. Open your HTML file as well.Create a <link> tag in your HTML head. This will allow you to link a separate CSS file to your HTML document.Select elements of different types you want to add the same styling to. …Assign what styling a class will receive. …

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How do I add a CSS class?

There are three ways of inserting a style sheet:External CSSInternal CSSInline CSS

How to use multiple CSS classes on a single element?

This sets the following three classes on the paragraph tag:PullquoteFeaturedLeft

How to add a custom CSS?

There are 7 methods to add Custom CSS to DiviThe Divi Theme Options Custom CSS areaThe Advanced Options tab of sections, rows, and modulesThe Divi Builder Page SettingsA Divi Code moduleA Divi child themeWordPress Theme Customizer Custom CSS area

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