How to apa cite multiple works by the same author

Citing multiple works is covered in Sections 8.12 of the APA Publication Manual, Seventh Edition. This guidance has been revised from the 6th edition. To highlight the work (s) most directly relevant to your point in a given sentence, place those citations first within parentheses in alphabetical order and then insert a semicolon and a phrase, such as “see also,” before the first of the remaining citations, which …

Citing Multiple Works By Same Author. For references with the same author and year, the references are arranged alphabetically by title (ignoring "A" or "The"). Lower case letters (a, b, c) are added immediately after the year within parentheses.

How do I cite multiple sources by the same author in APA …

If you cite several sources by the same author or group of authors, you’ll distinguish between them in your APA in-text citations using the year of publication. If you cite multiple sources by the same author (s) at the same point, you can just write the author name (s) once and separate the different years with commas, e.g., (Smith, ). To distinguish between sources with the same author (s) and the …

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How do you cite multiple articles by the same author?

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How do you cite APA in APA style?

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How do you cite multiple sources in APA style?

paraphrase (i.e., state in your own words) the ideas of othersdirectly quote the words of othersrefer to data or data setsreprint or adapt a table or figure, even images from the internet that are free or licensed in the Creative Commonsreprint a long text passage or commercially copyrighted test item

How do you reference authors in APA style?

Provide the date in parentheses when the authors’ names appear in the sentence.Use the word "and" immediately before the last author’s name. Make sure you have a comma after the next-to-last authors’ name as well.For example: "According to Sunshine, Summers, and Autumnwood (2010), pizza is a great afternoon snack."If there are more than 5 authors, use the first authors’ name followed by the Latin abbreviation "et al." when you mention them in your text, just as you would …

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How to Cite Two Works with the Same Author and Date Video Answer

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