How to apa in text cite with multiple authors

Three or more authors. When citing a journal paper in APA with three or more authors, only enter the last name of the first author listed and add “et al.” after it. “Et al.” is Latin for the phrase “and others,” which is why it is used as a …

Multiple in-text citations: start each subsequent reference on a new line after the preceding one. End each reference list on a new line, separating it from the next with a comma. In this example, the in-text citations are separated from the main body of the essay with three full stops. The bibliography at the end of the essay is also separated …

APA Citation Style Guide (6th Edition): In-text: Multiple …

Multiple Authors. 2 Authors: Always cite both authors’ names in-text everytime you reference them. Example: Johnson and Smith (2009) found… 3-5 Authors:

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How do you cite within text in APA format?

In APA Style, cite your sources by putting the information about the source in parentheses at the end of a sentence or in the text of your paper as opposed to a footnote where the source information is at the bottom of the page or an endnote where it goes at the end of your paper. There are slight differences depending on which style you are using.

How do you cite more than 10 authors in APA?

How do you cite more than 10 authors in APA? For the in-text citation for a book with eight or more authors, include the first author and then ‘et al. ‘. Include the first six authors’ names, then insert three ellipsis points and add the last author name in the Reference List.

How to quote APA with multiple authors?

Use direct quotations rather than paraphrasing:when reproducing an exact definition (see Section 6.22 of the Publication Manual ),when an author has said something memorably or succinctly, orwhen you want to respond to exact wording (e.g., something someone said).

What does APA mean in text?

NOTE: For electronic sources without page numbers use:approximate page number (p. 3 of 9); orparagraph number for short text (para. 2); orthe heading given in the source for the particular section.

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