How to apply css to multiple classes

Multiple Classes CSS: How To Add Multiple Classes in One Element. You can add more than one class in one element by placing a space between two classes. The space is vital, as it identifies the two classes. Not only CSS two classes, but you can add multiple classes in the same element. Let’s illustrate this further by the use of the following examples.

Add a comment. 2. Using CSS pseudo-classes :is (previously :any and :matches) and :where, you can use comma to match multiple classes on any level. At the root level, :is (.abc, .xyz) and .abc, .xyz function almost identically. However, :is allows matching only a part of the selector without copying the whole selector multiple times.

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In such cases, HTML allows us to assign multiple classes to a single element. We can write multiple class names separated by whitespace in any element. CSS also allows us to style such classes by selecting both classes at once. We can use the . selector to select the first-class and again select the second class without leaving whitespace. Then we can set the styles for the selected classes. We can …

If you need to assign several classes to an element, add the additional classes and simply separate them with a space in your attribute. For example, this paragraph has three classes: This would be the text of the paragraph. This sets the following three classes on …

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How to assign multiple classes in CSS?

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How can I apply styles to multiple classes at once?

This CSS rule would apply to:Any paragraph elementAny element with the class of redAny element with an ID of subThe link pseudo class of the anchor elements that are descendants of a division.

How do I add a CSS class?

There are three ways of inserting a style sheet:External CSSInternal CSSInline CSS

How to create CSS classes?

StepsMake your HTML document.Create the basic HTML skeleton. As a reminder, it’s an opening HTML tag, an opening head tag, a closing head tag, an opening body tag, a closing body tag, …Create a HTML element. …Give the HTML element a class. …Put a "style" tag between the head tags. …Call your class. …Put the styles your want between the curly brackets.

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Cascading Style SheetsCascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language used for describing the …

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