How to apply multiple coats of mascara

. #16. Here’s something I do if I put one too many coats of mascara: While your mascara is still wet, dip a clean mascara wand in water. Tap away excess water and lightly wiggle it as if you’re applying mascara. Be sure to dip it in the water and rinse it every time you pass it through your lashes.

Open the mascara tube and wipe off the excess product on the applicator. Look straight at the mirror and place the applicator at the base of …

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To apply mascara, look up as you place the wand against the base of your upper eyelashes. Next, wiggle the wand back and forth a bit as you pull it out toward the tips of your lashes. This will both lift and …

After the first two coats of the mascara, my lashes don’t look any different than they do when I roll out of bed, but once I get to the tenth or eleventh swipe, POW! Suddenly the lashes wake up …

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How to apply mascara properly?

Another way to apply mascara is by closing your eyes and holding it tight at one corner, (just like when you are applying an eyeliner.) Now take the mascara and pull it outward from the down lashes. Thereafter open your eyes and carefully apply mascara from bottom to the top lashes.

How many coats of Mascara do you put on each day?

Usually 1-2 coats for the day time and 3 for evening. Thanks! Should everyone use mascara on the lower lid? No. It is a matter of taste. Some people like to and others don’t.

Can you put Mascara over eyelash lashes?

Go over your lashes with a second coat. Try to leave it at that–do a third coat at the most. The more you layer on the mascara, the more likely it is the mascara will dry on your lashes and cause the new coat to clump. Mix mascaras to combine their specialties.

How do you remove Mascara that has been stuck in the tube?

Remove the wand from the mascara tube by twisting back and forth instead of pumping it up and down. Twisting will allow the brush to pick up the mascara, which is what most people think they are doing when they pump the brush in the tube. What they are actually doing is forcing air into the tube, which dries out the mascara.

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