How to clone multiple test cases in jira

In Zephyr Squad I tried Clone Folder in Cycle Summary section where Original Folder had 10 test cases. In the Cloned folder that got created I observed that all the 10 test cases were Cloned with exact same Steps, same test cases IDs (those assigned by JIRA), same Status (In Progress/Closed).

1. On the folder tree at left, select the source folder wherein the test cases lie. 2. Select test cases of which you want to create a copy by cloning them. Selection of Multiple entities at a time: To select entities within a range on the current page, select the first entity’s check box and then select the last entity’s check box and simultaneously hold the SHIFT key of …

A Guide To Using Jira For Test Case Management

Deep Dive: Adding a “Test Case” Issue Type. To customize Jira for test case management by adding a “Test Case” issue type, you need to take the following steps: Create a “Test Case” issue type. Add in the steps required to complete an expected outcome. Make that test case the parent issue for the testing you need to do.

To clone multiple Test Cases from different Test Suites, follow these steps: Click the "Edit" icon from a ‘Root Test Suite’ Expand Test Suites from which the Test Cases are supposed to be cloned Select multiple Test Cases from different Test Suites Note: …

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Can I have multiple versions of a test case in Jira?

Jira will automatically push that data over into every test case run, meaning you can’t keep different versions.

How do I build a testing process in Jira?

When you begin looking at how you can build a testing process in Jira, the most common place to start is with an issue type. You’ll see that Jira has several different types of issues (Bug, Epic, Improvement), but nothing specifically for tests. This is because Jira is not a test case management solution.

Is Jira the best choice for testing?

From how to use Jira for testing to which solutions best complement a Jira process, both Jira and testing seem to be the topics of the hour these days. This popularity is not necessarily surprising given a recent Tricentis poll in which 66% of respondents reported having used Jira for the past several months or years.

Can Tricentis QTest manager integrate with JIRA?

For example, most test solutions use a scheduled sync, but Tricentis qTest Manager has a real-time integration that uses webhooks. With a scheduled sync, you have to map your entire test case management tool schema to your JIRA schema, which means you constantly have to pull data and use resources to keep the system current.

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JIRA Tutorial #22 – How to Clone Zephyr Test Cases in JIRA Video Answer

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