How to cope with multiple deaths

Approach coping with multiple losses the same way. If today you’re feeling extra sad about the divorce – call your close friend who has just gone through a divorce herself, and plan a dinner out together. Having a hard time after retirement? Start looking into those volunteer opportunities you always wished you’d have the time to do.

1. Recognize that people suffering multiple losses will generally need much more time to sort out their feelings and deal with their losses. Often the intensity of grief will be stronger and the mourner will need assistance in prioritizing their needs in dealing with each loss, one at a time. 2.

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Death of a loved one is always terribly hard to cope with, but trying to deal with multiple bereavements can seem an almost impossible task …

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Are You coping with multiple losses?

Coping with multiple losses can be overwhelming. When dealing with so much, sometimes the only way to move forward is to truly face each issue, like each section of that room, one at a time… Because multiple losses can be so common, we have created a forum specifically for those grievers who are coping with so much.

What are some examples of multiple losses a griever can face?

Here are a few examples of the multiple losses a griever can face: 1. Divorce: Talk about not fair. Life is hard enough. Divorce is hard enough. And then the significant loss of a loved one as well?

How do we support ourselves through multiple bereavements?

The ways we find to support ourselves through multiple bereavements follows a simple pattern to how we deal with a single bereavement but it is likely to take much longer, and require even more support from those around us so that we can accommodate and adjust to the losses.

What is multiple losses?

Multiple losses of several loved ones, all within a relatively short period of time: And finally, the sad truth. Of all the multiple losses a person can experience or bring to discuss in a bereavement group, this is the one that I hear most often.

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