How to create ebay listing with multiple sizes

Fixed price listings are Good ‘Til Canceled, which means your listing remains active until you sell the number of items specified or until you end the listing. To create a multi-quantity with the business tool or the quick listing tool. Choose Fixed price as your listing format and enter your Buy It Now price. Enter the quantity.


Here is a quick step-by-step tutorial for those that want to add variations to an eBay listing. This is ideal for those that have 1 item in multiple differen…

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How do I add variations to my eBay listing?

Most categories are set up for eBay listing variations. You can create and manage your variations through the advanced listing form or Seller Hub. Each tool will walk you through the process. When listing, do the following: Describe the features of the item that are standard across all of the items.

Can You List multiple sizes of the same item on eBay?

For example, if you’re selling shoes, you can create a single listing with multiple variations for different sizes. Listings with variations make the search easier for the buyer and give you a structured way to differentiate between similar (but not identical) items in a multi-quantity, fixed-price listing.

How to create item specifics for eBay listings?

While creating a listing on eBay, you should add item details like brand, size, length, width, height, type, color, style etc. These are Item Specifics that serve as descriptive keywords to help your listings show up in the right searches on eBay. Properly completed Items Specifics will get you more visibility among potential buyers.

How do I create variations for a single listing?

Here is how you can create variations for a new listing: 1. Click Create listing on Seller Hub. 2. Select Single listing in a drop-down menu. 3. Search for the correct category for the items that you are going to list. 4. On the listing description page, enter all the details. 5. Click the Create variation button.

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